a t t e s t

easily deliver attestations
for self-sovereign identities

proof of attendance

event organisers >> attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers (beta)

proof of skills

teachers & schools >> students (soon)

proof of involvement

doers & world changers >> volunteers, contributors, utopists (soon)

ping us to receive accreditation 👇

Note: attest provides the logistic to deliver off-chain attestations to blockchain identity wallet like uPort. all transactions with the users are performed via email. no login required, no spam either. eunuch with data. the service is free at the moment (beta). the issuer will first interact with us on twitter to validate its project. © atte.st 2018

Collecting your first attest

1. download uPort identity wallet

2. register yourself on uPort. Don't forget to fill your email properly as well as name (pseudo are ok).
3. connect with attest here

This is a one-time registration. If you collect other attest in the future you won't have to go through it again.

Once done you will shortly receive an email with your new attest.